Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Shard Restaurant // Menu 114YC

We are proud to present our new menu for the start of 114YC and the official opening of The Shard Restaurant to the general public.

Starters // The Shard Restaurant

Cocktails & dreams
Classic pairs in a new style
Last minute peeled fat grey shrimp, tomato, olive, pepperyoghurt and Northseacrab, old cheese with young "earthy" vegetables

Gooseliver with Northsea crab, hazelnut, black olive, juice of fermented red cabbage

Sweetbread with crispy shrimp, popped pandanrice, BBQ pineapple and peanutsauce.

Oysters in the sand
Gooseliver, Olorose sherry and ginger

langoustine seared on one side, roasted hempseed, cremé of curry spices, pumpkin and stringbean juice

St. Jakobsscalops
Raw St. Jakobs, veal marrow, black garlic in juice of charcoal roasted knobcelery

Epoisses, rabbit kidney and potato drip

Sleeper Waffles
Gooseliver, goatscheese, hazelnut and icecream of smoked beets

Main Courses // The Shard Restaurant

Dorsal filet of cod, stock of Jerusalem artichoke flowers, eadable flowers, walnuts, crispy Jerusalem artichoke. With a pinch of white chocolate and apple

King Mullet
Mullet filet, razor clam, cockles, handrolled couscous, cremé and oil of Baharat and mussel juice

Fresh Water Parade
Riverbass, eal, pike-perchcheek with fennelchlorofyl, shallots and apple.
Salad of young fennel, smelt and riverlobsters.

Raging Duck
Wild duck, sauerkraut juice, organmeat, cremé of gooseliver, mushrooms and a duckchop with corn and herbal yoghurt

Homing Pigeon
Tame pigeon with cremé of gooseliver and goatscheese, star anise, white pepper and juice of kohlrabi

Unleased Hare
Hare, cauliflower chlorofyl, "Royal" sauce, Kyomi oranges and parsleyroot

Vegetable Menu
on the rocks

Kohlrabi, hempseed, goatscheese and curry spices

Cauliflower spaghetti, cornichons, hazelnut and mace

Knobcelery, black olive, orange, vervain "First Flush" and Strachitun cheese

Cruesli of seeds and buckwheat, bulgur, watercress and pickled "Dalfsen" potato

Jerusalem Artichoke, chickweed, pickled mushrooms, appel and walnut
Rice, blackthorn, watercress and meadowsweet.

Desserts // The Shard Restaurant

GingerbeerSpices with passionfruit, gingerale and chicory

BlackthornRice, blackthorn, meadowsweet and watermint

Lime leavesCoconut, mango and coffee with cardamom

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Epsilon lounge // Catering Menu

The buffet counter shows a wide variety of breadrolls with meat, fish and cheese.
Four different fruit smoothies, shrimp, smoked chicken & mushroom salads, pumpkin and roast beef salad, green vegetable salad with raspberrry dressing, buttered pancakes and platters of fruit.

The chef will also prepare the following dishes per request.

Served on Christophe bread (traditionally baked wheat bread with sea salt and ryedesem) with sauerkraut, mustard and pork scraps.

Bagel Comté
Sesamebagel with old Comté (30 months) Served with an avocado-limesalsa.

Clubsandwich (meat)
'All Caldarian' Clubsandwich with cooked ham, bacon, turkey, tomato, dyon-mayonaise and lettuce.

Clubsandwich (fish)
Smoked salmon with a creme of oregano and chives. grilled babycorn, little gem.

Pumpkinsoup (vegetarian)
Soup of pumpkin with Garam Masala (Roasted mix of minmatarian spices), red lentils, sour cream and roasted almond shavings.

Beef broth
Broth made from beef shank served with various mushrooms, flat parsley and roasted garlicbread.

Pan Tosti (vegetarian)
Pan tosti with baked mushrooms, red chili, zuccini, baked egg and mozzarella cheese.

Piadina (Amarrian wrap) filled with creme of mascarpone, pasta salad (orecchiette) with chopped egg and basil, prosciutto (dried raw ham) and shaved Grana Padano-cheese.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mixed Drinks served at The Shard

Our personal favorites:

Sobaseki Slammer
1 part Grand Marnier, 1 part Minmatarian Cream, 1 part Coffee Liqueur. Served while on fire, drink quickly

New Eden Sunrise
4 parts New Eden Tequilla, 1 part creme de pomegranate, 2 parts orange juice, served in a martiniglass

Brutor Boozer
1 pint glass of Brutor ale, 1 shotglass filled with Greyscale Whiskey. The shotglass is placed inside the ale and downed in one go.

Pator Peachmix
3 parts Peach liqueur, 2 parts Caldarian Vodka, 2 parts orangejuice, a slice of apricot and a leaf of mint

Geminate Juicer
4 parts Caldarian Rum, 2 parts limocello, a mixture of orange, pineapple and grapefruitjuice.

Tovil-Toba Martini

3 parts of Caldarian Rum, 2 parts of Villore Vermouth. Garnished with an olive, served dirty

San Crielere Rum Daisy
5 parts Coconut rum, 2 parts lemonjuice, 1/2 part orange snapps. Served in a highball with 3 cherries.

Gallente Connection
2 part Amaretto, 2 part Hine. Served in a cocktailglass

Numerous other mixdrinks are available at the bar, just ask one of the bartenders.

Exclusive Beverages:

Honey Mead J215124
A specialty honey mead made by an anonymous group that lives in J215124. The Vauxette Le Grand orchid provides a quality honey that would turn even pirates into pacifists.

Glenheimatar Daxanto
A 120 yo Single Malt bottled by the Glenheimatar & Sons. This whiskey is of an extremely rare batch. Only 4500 bottles are still in existence. We are proud to be able to offer you this rare opportunity to sample it. To order you must arrange it atleast one month in advance.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snacks Menu

The Shard has a wide selection of snacks available till 23:00 YST.
The menu changes on a monthly bases and always contains a meat, fish and vegetarian snack.

Peppadew Bites
Deep fried peppadews filled with creamcheese, served with a dip of chilli and lime

Waldcorn Rondo-Bread
Served with herbal butter

Mixed Nuts
A bowl filled with almonds, cashew, walnuts and pecan nuts

Gekutami Olives
Marinaded olives from Gekutami III

Salted nacho's served with a cold tomatosalsa

Three types of delicious cheese served with grapes and mustard

Our meatplatter is filled with finely sliced meats. This month we serve walnut-cervelat, truffle-salami and Serano ham served with olives and mustard

Meal Replacements:

Fresh salad of potato, capers, red union, tuna and Nourvukaiken shrimps

Wrap filled with Heimatar couscous, goatscheese and coriander-creme, garnished with plums

Noodles baked in Teriyaki sauce with zucchini and spicy marinaded chickenbreast

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wine Menu by connoisseur Dar'ehl Gedo of Funtainen IX

This list of delicious wines had been handselected by our wine connoisseur Dar'ehl Gedo of Funtainen IX. He has selected various seasonal wines he has stocked after a lifelong journey through the universe. We are honoured to be able to offer you this wide selection of some of the finest wines in New Eden.


1. D'avite Shiu Vin de Table Dry
Crisp with refreshing green-fruit undertones.

2. D'avite Shiu Vin de Table Medium
Fresh and tangy on the nose yet round on the palate.

3. D'avite Shiu Vin de Table Red
Rounded Gallentean wine with plenty of soft fruity flavours.


4. House Champagne 1er Cru Monblaque
Dry and elegant with great finesse.

5. Mokasin Estate Brut
An Amarrian sparkling wine made from selected grape
varieties. It's fresh, flavoursome and has a lively crisp
finish. Perfect for all your celebrations.


6. Metrialdo Piemonte Cor'tac - Motsu IV
The Motsu grape is native to Piemonte's Cor'tac Hills where it gives dry lemony white wine with a clean and elegant flavour.

7. Deverna Shindsberd - Hek V
Light and easy going, medium dry fruity Moselle.

8. Mevolda Charnay - Luminaire VI
An archetypcal Charnay, buttery toasty aromas give way to rich, full creamy flavours on the palate, balanced by underlying citrus notes.

9. Gredondo Phali - Villore IV
Beautifully structured, extremely well balanced with a good length. Great finesse, ripeness and varietal purity with fragrant rose-petal and grapefruit aromas. A fine spicy complexity -delicately rich.

10. Chablis Drambu - Taisy III
The cool climate of the Chablis vineyards in Northern Taisy III produce this classic wine from the Charnay grape with a fresh bouquet and dry, yet full flavours that last on the palate.


11. Araldica Piemonte Cor'tac - Motsu IV
The Araldica is the classic red grape of Piemonte's Sheam area. It produces ripe, fruity medium bodied wines.

12. Cote du Noevelle - Luminaire VI
Ruby red coloured wine with an elegant and frankly fragrance, pleasant and well balanced taste. Smooth fruity and warming.

13. Riota Tinto Hal'vajas - Atoosh V
Smooth and full red Amarrian wine aged in oak.

14. Fleurie - Villore IV
Traditional Fleurie, full, soft fruit flavours and a hint of irises. Good underlying structure. Silky and scented, cru Beaujolais at it's best.


15. Rose d’Andornge
A light rose wine from the Sinq Liason region with a fresh fruity flavour

16. Casa De Mundas Rose
A famous Matari wine, medium and easy drinking.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Shard Cinema & Bar // Menu 114YC

-- Lunchmenu --

Tunttaras Goatcheese Salad
Salad of smoked vegetables, goatcheese (the sheep of Namre Hikan of Tunttaras V), walnuts and a honey-thyme dressing.

Green Salad
Green Salad of young spinach, cucumber, green asperagus, green beans, baked Halloumi (a cheese made with goat, sheep and cowmilk), garlic croutons and a fresh herbal vinaigrette made from biological oliveoil (olives of Gekutami III). Served with bread and butter.

Banana Smoothy
Made from full fat yoghurt, fresh orange juice, banana and honey (Crimson Crossberry Blossom of Kiainti VII).

Noodles in Broth
Noodles served with tiger prawns (caught on oceanic planet Toustain VIII), spring union, baked sesame-cucumber. Served with a teapot of Tom Yam Goon soup and cassava crisps.

Tuna Sandwich
Grilled tuna steak on a salad of avocado (Shirley Gr'even of Elore V), chilli peppers and red union and coriander.

Fenugriek Cheese Sandwich
Cheese slices served on a bed of coleslaw, apple. parsley. walnut, with a green herbspread.

Clubsandwich Vitello Tonato
Slices of sautéd veal (Wagyu cows on Aldrat VIII) with tunamayonaise, little gem, hardboiled egg and capers.

Yashunen Chicken Piadina
A piadina filled with Caesar's Salad. A mix of chicken breast slices, bacon, litte gem, grana pandano (a hard salty cheese made on Yashunen III) and a lemon-mayonaise.

Ol' School Veal Burger
A Caldarian breadroll with a burger made from minced vealsteak, with baked union, lettuce and a spicy bell peppersalsa.

Classic Pan Tosti
A pan tosti made of molten provolone, red union, tomato, bacon and a fried egg.

-- Dinner menu --


Soup of the Day
Served with sourdough bread and lightly salted creambutter.

Sivala Filet of Mackerel
Baked on the skin (caught on oceanic planet Sivala V), served with a salad of selerystocks and cucumber. With this a herban vinaigrette with sour apples and red beets.

Sujarento Smoked Lambham
Baked mini pancakes with a fresh mustardcreme, smoked ham of lamb (cattlefarm Nomenco on Sujarento IV) and baked duck scraps with applesirup.

Goatscheese Pie
A piece of pie made from goats and farmers cheese. With a base of perennial cheese, with a marmelade of tomatoes and a cup of carrot-orangesoup.

Main courses:

Sujarento Beefsirloin With Union-souffle
Beefsirloin served with a side of potatoes, union-souffle and grilled vegetables. Served with a sauce of parsley and garlic.

Nourvukaiken Filet of Sole
Two small soles from the Northsea of Nourvukaiken III, baked in clarified butter, served with baked potato with lemon-mayonaise and a fresh salad of Nicolai-potato, cabbage and chive.

Caldari Local Plater
Caldarian local vegetables with a touch of Minmatar
Potatomash with baked garlic and biological oliveoil. Served with cauliflower roses with a dash of green herbs. A crisp of bell pepper with corn flour and a paste of peas.

Side dishes:
[1 serving sofices for about 2 people]

- Mixed salad with fresh dressing
- Gallentean small fries with mayonaise
- Amarrian baked chips with vinegar


Strawberry pie
A fine slice with Gadeshian strawberries from Deltole III served with a ball of strawberry icecream and a sauce of farmers yoghurt.

Chocolate Profiterole
Three mini rolls covered in thick chocolate, served with a ball of almond icecream and a stripe of caramel.

Raw Milk Cheeses
Bheemser knifehanger (cowmilk) and Farmers Villore old sheepcheese from 'Maître Fromager' Shaan Le'Hian on Madirmilire IV.